A gift in the mail

Yesterday, I got a surprise in the mail.  After the Canadian Blog Hop, Sew Sisters quilt shop asked me for my shipping address.  I was intrigued, but I didn’t ask why; I just sent it to them and promptly forgot all about it.  Then yesterday, I got the most awesome package in the mail.  Thank you!

Sew sisters gift 1

Sew sisters gift 2

They sent me 8 wonderful fat quarters, a t-shirt with the blog hop logo, and the most adorable little quilting pin. It was the most fun I’ve had opening the mail in awhile. The colours are so nice and soft, and they are great blender prints. I’m sure I’ll be able to find a great use for them somewhere.

QAL light audition

I also auditioned some fabrics for use as sashing in the light Road Trip quilt. I initially thought that I would go with the fabric in the front centre It’s a lovely soft grey hexagon print with a little yellow accent. But I thought I should lay it out with some other second choice contenders and see how I felt after that.

I didn’t like that there wasn’t enough contrast between the grey hexagon print and the blocks. I wanted them to stand out from the sashing, not blend in to it. For that same reason, I didn’t like the browns either. They were too monochromatic with the blocks. I ended up choosing the darker grey on the upper left. It wasn’t too dark, but dark enough to have the blocks stand out the way I wanted them too. Plus, it will tie in colour wise with the black sashing on the dark Road Trip quilt.

I’m linking this up to the Needle and Thread Network. It’s been a couple of weeks since my blogging coincided with their link-up, but it does today. So head on over, and check out the other creative Canadians!

7 thoughts on “A gift in the mail

  1. From way back here….that greyish fabric front and center is looking good for a sashing. Well done and nice gifts for a great Blogathon. I certainly enjoy checking into whats going on across the best Country on the planet!


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