Road Trip QAL: Finished blocks!

Yay!  I’ve finally finished all the blocks I need for my Road Trip QAL quilt.  It took me way longer than I anticipated to get them all done, and there were a few bumps along the way, but I can now move on to assembling the tops.  Progress is good.

QAL kansas

So, I wanted to resize the Kansas block for it to be my final 15″ block for the quilt. That way, I would have 4 15″ blocks for a medallion type centre, and then I could use the other, smaller 12″ blocks around that. So I resized the block and sewed it up using scraps from the other blocks. Everything was going great! I had 3 of 4 quadrants done, and then I measured the finished quadrants as I squared them up. Can you see where this is going?

Yeah, I had made a mistake with my math (again) and the quadrants were measuring at 8.5″ And I was trying to make a 15″ block, which meant they should be measuring at 8″. Arrgh! I couldn’t just size them down because I would lose the points. I finished the last too big quadrant because I figured I should at least get a finished block out of the deal, and then tried to figure out what to do instead.

I knew that I could draw a new, smaller, correctly sized pattern. But then I had an idea. I’m Canadian, and there was no Canadian element in this quilt. Not surprising, given the nature of the quilt along, but I wanted to add something. So I did a google image search for a maple leaf block. There weren’t any that were exactly what I wanted, but I took elements from a few and designed one to finish at 15″

QAL Canada

I made two the same; no light version and dark version this time. I used up scraps again, and the blocks finished at the right size. Victory! I really, really like how these turned out. Maybe doing the math wrong the first time was a blessing in disguise. Maybe I’ll end up with a pillow that matches my quilt.  Anyway, the blocks are done, so I will attempt to put the tops together this week. One step at a time!

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