Improvisational piecing

I’ve been trying to find a way to get myself out of this non-sewing funk that I’ve been in.  So the other day, I just decided to grab some fabric and start sewing.  Since I recently organized all my scraps into bins sorted by colour, I grabbed one colour at a time, and dug out the strips that were in the bins.  Then I just started sewing log cabins, cutting strips shorter if they were too long, and finding a different strip if it was too short.

rainbow log cabin 1

This is what I ended up with. Once the blocks started to get large enough, I trimmed them down to 8.5″ I made red, orange, yellow, and green. I’m thinking I’ll do a rainbow log cabin quilt or something with them. I’ve seen those floating around blogland and I really like them. Or maybe I’ll make something else. At this point I am undecided.

rainbow log cabin 2

rainbow log cabin 3

I loved how quickly they went together. Not having to measure and cut strips and just using what I already had and making it work was very freeing. If the strips started to look a little skewed, I didn’t care and just kept on going. I didn’t have to worry about perfect seam allowances because I was trimming it up when I was done. And I feel a little rejuvenated about sewing, so maybe they accomplished what I was hoping they would and helped me out of my rut a little.

I’m linking this up to WIP Wednesday and the Needle and Thread Network. I haven’t done that in awhile, so I look forward to seeing what everyone else has been working on in the meantime.

15 thoughts on “Improvisational piecing

  1. I hear you on the non-sewing funk. Easy to fall into and difficult to get out of..sort of like going to an exercise class huh? LOL I sometimes find by sitting down and just starting into something, anything; I’m back into the swing of sewing and dont realize that hours have floated by.
    These look wonderful, the bright colours are so great to see.
    Love to see what you end-up with once done… and NOT and UFO! hahaa


  2. What a great idea! So you didn’t worry about the width of the strips? It looks like there are different sized the blocks. This will be very pretty, whatever you choose to do with the blocks.


  3. Você acaba de me ajudar,obrigada.Só trabalho com sucatas e este modo me ajudará a acabar com tiras que não jogo fora.Aliás nunca jogo fora.Abraços.


  4. Hey apples, the free form piecing is looking good. You can take it a step more modern by making abstract or landscapes. Have a look at my wild flowers (WF) blog posts to see what I mean. That was my first experience with free form piecing and like you I loved how quickly it came together.


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