Coasters and West Virginia

I am still chugging along on the Road Trip QAL that ended quite a few weeks ago.  I have finished West Virginia, the second last block.  Just Kansas left to go!

QAL West Virginia

This block came together very simply and quickly, because it is essentially only HSTs and squares. I probably spent as much time pressing this block as I did actually sewing it. I have no recent pictures of all the blocks so far, but when I finish Kansas, I will try to take one.

I also made some coasters for a gift exchange that I’m in. My person said she liked warm colours like red, orange, and mustard yellow, and also warm browns. I made these coasters in those colours, and backed them all with a dark, solid, brown.


I’m almost finished the hand-stitching on the binding of the shadow quilt, so I should be able to post about that soon. I’ve been in a bit of a sewing slump recently, and haven’t been feeling very motivated lately. I hope that changes soon.

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