Snow! (and more Road Trip QAL)

The weather has taken a drastic change here.  We’d been having quite a nice fall up until this point.  The weather has been mild, if not occasionally warm, and there has been very little rain.  Then, on Monday night, it started snowing, and it didn’t stop for awhile.  Remember how nice my front yard looked when I took a picture of Deco Shimmer in my front yard last week?  Well, this is my front yard now.

snow 1

We ended up getting about 25cm (10 inches) of snow. They forecasted 10-15cm (4-6 inches), so I think the weatherman was a little off. This also meant a snow day for the kidlets. It was actually kind of nice, because typically when it snows here, it is like -15C to -20C (about 5F to -5F), and then it’s too cold to really play in the snow for longer than two minutes. And it was only about -5C (23F) yesterday, so they played outside for a long time.

snow 2

It was too deep for Thing 3 to even walk in it, poor thing. Her siblings had to help her up all the time. But they had a blast. Before they went out, they drew plans for an ‘epic’ snowfort. It even had three heaters! Plus the requisite gigantic stash of snowballs to attack any enemy with, of course. While they played, I got some sewing done.

QAL Missouri

I finished off both of the Missouri blocks. They came together really quickly. I think the most time consuming part would have been picking the fabric for and fussy cutting the centres. This leaves only two blocks left: Kansas and West Virginia. They will be coming soon!

I’m linking this up to WIP Wednesday at the Needle and Thread Network. Lots of fun stuff to check out there, so head on over!

10 thoughts on “Snow! (and more Road Trip QAL)

  1. Amazing all that snow!!! Here in Australia we are getting ready for summer. Love the block and also the color combo. I made a similar block for my sons quilt. I hate fussy cutting, I always feel guilty by the waste. ;D


  2. Wow, what snow! We are avidly watching the mountains for snow and waiting for the ski season to start. They have had a dusting so far! I like your blocks 🙂


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