Deco Shimmer is done!

I can cross another one off the list, because Deco Shimmer is done!  I quilted it in one evening, and then cut and sewed the binding the next.  I hand stitched the binding on the third evening, and then I had to wait for the clouds to clear to take some nice pictures outside.

Deco 5

I quilted it in a giant spiral. It seemed fitting for a quilt named Deco Shimmer. I used my walking foot, and quilted the lines about an inch apart. It was tight maneuvering in the middle of the quilt when I had to wrestle the whole thing around to rotate it every few stitches, but the farther around I went, the easier it got.

Deco 6

You can’t see the quilting as well in this shot, but the colours show up better. I put a hanging sleeve on the back in case I want to put it on a wall. This also gives me the option of putting it in our local quilt show next June, since hanging sleeves are required for the shows that are entered.

Deco 7

I backed it in a dark green fabric that had been lingering in my stash for a very long time. I guess I don’t use a lot of dark green.

Deco 8

I caught this little ladybug on the quilt as I was taking pictures, so I had to add a shot of him. I was surprised to see one outside at this time of year, since it’s been a number of weeks since it has started to drop below freezing overnight. It must be a very determined ladybug.

Deco 9

I tried a new shot, nestling the quilt in the crutch of the ash tree on my front yard. I love the fall colours on the trees down the boulevard. It’s a great view to see out of my front window.

I’m linking this up to TGIFF, which is being hosted by Jenelle from Echinops and Aster this week.

11 thoughts on “Deco Shimmer is done!

  1. Beautiful quilt! The colours and the curves are fantastic. I did a spiral quilting once, actually it was concentric circles so lots of ends to weave in at the end, so I understand what you mean about it being tedious in the middle to maneuver the quilt around the machine. Definitely worth it though!


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