QAL: Kentucky Chain

I wrote this blog post about two weeks ago, saved it as a draft, and then forgot about it.  Oops!

This is the Kentucky Chain block for the Road Trip QAL.  I wrote a tutorial on how to do this block, since I didn’t want to paper piece it, and Emily had hinted that there wasn’t really another way to do it.  In the end, she did figure out a way to piece it more traditionally, and those instructions are posted on her blog.

I made three versions of this block.  The traditional dark and light with the red/orange combo, and also a green and blue one.

QAL Kentucky Chain
QAL Kentucky Chain 2

I’m thinking of taking these blocks, making more, and making an entire quilt out of them. I love the way the chains weave in and out of each other. And since I have that extra Wyoming Valley block, my main quilt will not be missing anything either.

However, in the meantime, here in Kentucky chain pictured with the rest of the blocks from the QAL. It fits in quite nicely with them as well.

QAL dark 1-13

I think the light blocks are winning with regards to which set is my favourite. They would both look great in my girls’ room though. Matchy, but not too matchy.

QAL light 1-13

Since it’s Wednesday, I’m linking up to WIP Wednesday at the Needle and Thread Network. I missed a week somewhere in there, so I’ll have some catching up to do with reading all about the stuff everyone else has done!

7 thoughts on “QAL: Kentucky Chain

  1. Both versions are nice but I’m with you – the lights are a bit more striking. I think that a whole quilt using the Kentucky chain would be awesome. It really doesn’t matter which colours you choose either since it’s all in the pattern.


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