QAL: Mod Pop

So, to keep up with my self-imposed deadline of finishing all my UFOs by year’s end, I have settled on an overly optimistic goal of finishing three quilts a month for the next three months.  To achieve that, I’ve been sewing as much as I can.  It actually feels great to put an emphasis on sewing again, since I tend to slack off a little in the summer.  It’s been working out quite well.  I’ve finished the top for the Mod Pop QAL!

Mod Pop QAL: completed top

I took some pictures outside. The wind did its best to co-operate, but in the fall in Southern Alberta, that means that the breeze is only a light 30km/h. I was sort of successful. There are lots of shadows in this shot, but the golden evening light makes the colours look amazing.

Mod Pop QAL 4

I tried the stained glass flimsy shot. I got an excellent silhouette of Mr. Apple Pie in the process. My, his ears do stick out far, don’t they? And there’s an odd blue light on his neck. I promise the kids didn’t have a sniper scope on him or anything.

Mod Pop QAL: completed top

Here it is on the lawn.  I like the contrast between the leaves and the flimsy.  And, bonus, the whole top is under the same light in this shot!

Deco 4

I also basted the Deco Shimmer top. It went very quickly. I already have a plan for the quilting that I want to do on it, so it’s just a matter of getting it done. I’ve found in the past that deciding how to quilt something will take me ages longer than actually quilting it, so having a plan in place is a great start.

she can quilt

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