Cross one off the list: A finish!

I finished my community quilt!  Yay!  This one has only been lingering on the ‘to finish’ pile for about 7 months.  I made the top at my guild’s sewing day for community quilts, way back in April.  Then I had to wait for the guild to stock up on quilt batts again.  That’s only a partial excuse for why it took so long, though, since I got the batting a couple of months ago.  I was sidetracked with other projects.  But, since the community quilts are supposed to be in by the November meeting (so they can be given away in time for Christmas), I wanted to prioritize it.

Community 2

It’s not a very large quilt, since that’s Thing 1 holding it up for me, and she can keep it off the ground. I think it might be about 35″x50″ or so. I can’t be too sure, since I lost the paper that I wrote the dimensions on.

Community 3

It was a great fall day to take pictures outside. The air was crisp and the leaves are making good progress in falling off the trees.

Community 4
Community 5

I had originally planned to do just some outline quilting, but Mr. Apple Pie convinced me to stipple it. He said that when he was a boy, he had a basic quilt with those big ‘U’ shaped quilting designs on it, and he got a lot of enjoyment from just tracing the paths with his finger when he was winding down at bedtime. He said that stippling is just hundreds of u shapes after one another, and if he was a kid, he would have loved it. He must have made a convincing argument, because stippling is what I ended up doing. I am getting happier with my ability to stipple, so it might be time to try a more complicated free motion design one of these days.

Community 6

I bound it with a blue stripe, and used a greyish blue for the backing. I really like how the stripe looks as binding, and will probably employ more stripes for this purpose in the future.

I’m linking this up to TGIFF, which is hosted by Better Off Thread this week. It’s definitely nice to check this one off the list. One down, and only 8 to go!

4 thoughts on “Cross one off the list: A finish!

  1. Undoubtedly, this quilt has the potential of giving a young child many joyful hours of finding and tracing the patterns. And by the way, Thing 1 is not that small anymore . . .


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