UFO Round-up

I was cleaning up my bedroom the other night (shocking, I know).  My bedroom also happens to be where I store my nearly all of my in progress quilts.  As I started to count them, I was surprised by how many there were.  I guess in my mind I was better at finishing off quilts than I thought.  I predicted that the list might top out at about 5 things, both in progress and abandoned for awhile.  Nope.  There were 9.  Nine!

That seemed like an awful lot to me, so I decided that I would make it my goal to finish of all nine by the end of the year.  I always was foolishly ambitious, so why not continue that trend?  I’m going to list them all here to hold myself accountable.  I will list them in order of when they were started, with the oldest first.

1. Shadow Quilt
Primary Pinwheels 1

I started this project shortly after I moved to Alberta.  That was more than four years ago.   It wasn’t that I didn’t like it anymore or that I got tired of it, as is the case with some of other projects on this list, but I made a few mistakes when I sewed the blocks together, and rotated some of the smaller pinwheels the wrong way.  I started to fix it, and only have four blocks left to take out and resew.  I just really hate unsewing, so it’s been languishing awhile.  This will get done soon!

2. French Braid
French Braid 1

I have no legitimate excuse for not finishing this.  The extra strips are cut, so all I have to do is piece it.  I think I stopped because I re-prioritized and started working on Christmas gifts instead, and then I just forgot about it.  It is such a simple pattern and it goes together so very quickly, so it won’t be a slow finish when I get around to it.

3. Magic D9P (Disappearing 9-Patch)
Magic 9P 1

I had to demo this block for my guild last year.  Or maybe it was this spring?  I can’t recall. At any rate, that’s the reason this UFO is in so many different stages.  I have a partial flimsy together, but I haven’t even completed all the blocks yet.  I really should finish this off so I can bring it to a guild meeting and show them all what it looks like when it’s done.

4. OBW with 3-D cubes
Cubes in the snow 1

This one I got tired of.  That’s all there is to it.  It’s on the wall in my bedroom, so I see it every night and it begs to be done soon.  One of these days, I’ll listen to it and do what it wants.

5. Urban Nine Patch
U9P 5
U9P 4

When I started this quilt, I had a crappy rotary cutter. It ended up making cutting the curves exceedingly difficult, so I stopped working on it until I had the money for a new rotary cutter. I got a new cutter several months ago, but then I had to finish my sister’s wedding quilt, so this got put on the backburner. Since I want to enter it in my guild’s show next summmer, I better get cracking!

6. Community Quilt
Community 1

My local guild donates many quilts to lots of local charities. The guild members make the tops, and the guild supplies the batting and backing. I finished this top right after the workshop in the spring, but then had to wait for the batting. It is basted in this picture, and is #1 on the priority list to be finished.

7. Road Trip QAL
QAL light 1-12

This one I’m losing steam on. It is unusual for me to spend so long making the blocks, but I’ve never done a sampler before, so that is a big part of it. I have three more blocks to make, and that is entirely do-able. Then I will have two flimsies to quilt. Not as do-able, but I will make it happen.

8. Deco Shimmer
Deco flimsy 2

This one is in the flimsy stage, and will probably be quilted after the Community Quilt is done.

9. Mod Pop QAL
Mod Pop QAL 1

I have all the fabric cut for this, and the curved piecing is nearly done. I am much faster at finishing off the tops than I am at quilting them, so it should be halfway done shortly. This is my most recent start, since I think it was maybe two weeks ago that I decided to join this QAL.

And that’s the lot! Maybe if I didn’t insist on making such large quilts, this list wouldn’t seem so intimidating. Oh well. Now it will just be that much more satisfying as I cross every item off the list, one at at time. I hope I don’t get distracted by shiny new projects along the way!

And while I’m at in I’m going to link this up to the latest Slow Bloggers linky party.  Hopefully my sewing skills are not as slow as my blogging skills!

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10 thoughts on “UFO Round-up

  1. Well, that is a colourful list. And as long as you can keep the cat at bay, you will easily slide into the right gear for finishing these pieces of art. Of that I have no doubt.


  2. These are great projects, I love how your mod pop is coming together. You should consider joining in the next quarter of the Finish Along over at Quilter in the Gap, Rhonda will have the link up soon and your list is perfect.


  3. What an amazing collection of beautiful UFOs! I love your colourful fabrics – especially the autumnal Road Trip. (I also like your cat’s determination to get into the pics:-)


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