A new QAL Mod Pop

I know I’m not quite finished the Road Trip QAL, but I saw this new Mod Pop QAL beginning at She Can Quilt and I couldn’t not join.  I love the curves in this project, and ever since I got the Deco Shimmer top done, I’ve been feeling a lot more confident when it comes to curves.

I picked out some fabrics to get started.  I decided to challenge myself with regards to colour scheme, and do this quilt in pinks and purples.  I only ever made one quilt with just pinks, a baby quilt for my niece.  And purple is a colour I almost never use.  So I started pulling from my scrap bin.  I had a fair number of purples and pinks in there, but most of them were from a friend of mine who recently destashed a lot and gave everything to me.

Mod Pop QAL fabrics 1

So I made a good start there.  Then I went to my stash and pulled out some larger, yardage pieces.  I had a lot more pink than I thought I did, and more purple than I expected as well.  Maybe since I never seem to use these colours, the volume of them in my stash doesn’t decrease as fast as, for example, my reds, which I use all the time.

Mod Pop QAL fabrics 2

I’ll pair these up with a basic neutral for the chains in the quilt.  I didn’t bother taking a picture of those, so you’ll have to just make an image in your mind of all the wonderful neutrals I’ll be using.  I’ve started cutting in to the fabrics, and I’m liking how they look together more than I expected to.  And I figure that if I don’t like it when it’s finished, then I’m nearly positive I’ll be able to find a little girl somewhere who will be more than willing to adopt it.

You can check out the flickr group for the QAL here.  Lots of great fabric choices have gone up already!  Join in on the fun and conquer curves with us!

she can quilt

1 thought on “A new QAL Mod Pop

  1. I like the colour/pattern play in the fabrics. That’s always one of the things I like about quilting, but I hardly ever see the loosely stacked fabrics of the conception stage.


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