Road Trip QAL: Montana

I’m starting to lag behind the pace on the QAL a little bit.  I’m actually finding it surprisingly difficult to work with such a limited colour palette.  So much so, that I cheated and started work on a second project, testing a pattern, Deco Shimmer, for HGMR Deco Quilting.  I actually finished that top yesterday, but since I finished this block last week, I’ll blog about them in order.

Montana is another of the blocks that I resized from 12″ to 15″  I’ve decided to resize 4 blocks altogether, so I’m going to make Rocky Road to Kansas bigger as well.  That will give me enough larger blocks to make a medallion centre in my finished quilt.  In theory, anyway.

QAL Montana

Instead of trying to figure out odd angles, I paper pieced the points of the stars.  I kind of like how in the dark block, you lose the star points a little and it takes on the look of the Shoo-Fly block, but in the light points, the star points shine.  It’s amazing how simply recolouring a block can make it look so different.

QAL dark 1-11

I know there’s only 12 blocks in this picture, (for the 11 states, since I did two for Wyoming)  but I have 14 done and three left to go.  I have to blog about Kentucky Chain and Colorado Pass, and make Kansas, Missouri, and West Virginia.  That means I will have 17 blocks when I’m done, which doesn’t quite convert into a nice number for blocks and rows.  I’m still debating if I’m going to try to get them all in or if I’ll just leave one out.  I think I’ll decide when I’m finished all the blocks.

QAL light 1-11

I think I’m starting to like the light blocks more.  But they’re all nice; is it ok if I play favourites?  I’ll have to mull over that awhile.  I’m linking this up The Needle and Thread Network for WIP Wednesday.  Check out the other entries!  There’s always some fabulous stuff to look at.

9 thoughts on “Road Trip QAL: Montana

  1. I was just staring at your two color schemes in the Flickr pool, trying to decide if I liked the light one or the dark one better. I didn’t come to any definitive conclusions. It’s nice to see how the “non modified” version of Montana came out. Well done.


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