Thrifting again

I love shopping at thrift shops.  The thrill of the hunt, finding something super special hidden in the racks, having it fit you just right.  And of course, the best bonus of all, finding it on a half off day!  Sometimes I’ll find something that is just about perfect, but it has something simple wrong with it.  It might be too big, but that’s a simple fix if it’s a top.

Recently, I found a sundress at a local thrift store.  I loved the skirt part with the florals flowing up from the bottom part of the dress, but the bow in the front looked like something  Thing 1 would wear.  I also disliked the spaghetti straps since I prefer to wear clothing that covers my bra straps.  In the spring and fall it wouldn’t be a problem since I could layer something overtop or underneath, but in the heat of the summer that would be a no go.

dress 1

Here is a horribly lit picture of the dress before I altered it.  Please ignore the very messy bedroom and the laundry on the floor.  My bedroom has a door, and doors can close, which means that it only gets cleaned up after I finish cleaning up after the kids in the other parts of the house, at which point I’m often too tired to care.  Just look at the narrow straps and the bow in the front.

dress 2

Thing 1 took this picture for me after I was done altering it.  I took off the bow, and used that fabric to make straps that were nice and wide.  It was a very simple fix, and it did not take long to do.  Stuff like this is just part of the thrifting fun for me.  After all, now that I’ve changed it, I can be certain there is indeed no other dress out there like it!

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