Pattern testing: Deco Shimmer

Recently, I volunteered to test a quilt pattern for Helen from HGMR Quilting.  She sent me a list of patterns to choose from with little pictures of the finished quilts.  I just fell in love with Deco Shimmer.  This pattern requires the Quick Curve Ruler, designed by Helen’s sister, Jenny, of Sew Kind of Wonderful.  I love this ruler and was really glad to have another excuse to use it.  I am still working on my first project with this ruler, Urban Nine Patch, but since when has not finishing off previous projects stopped me from starting another one?  Answer: never!

So, I got started as soon as I got the pattern in my email.  These curves went together so fast, it was incredible.  I think I got all of the curves, and there was around 100 of them, sewn in about two hours.  Then I pressed them and it was on to trimming.

Deco 1

Another great thing about the ruler is that you can use it for both cutting the curves and squaring up the blocks.  Thing 3 helped me when I was trimming them by stacking all the trimmed off strings off to the side for me.  I was very careful around her little fingers when using my rotary cutter, but she listened well and kept them out of the way until I said it was safe again.

Deco 2

Here’s the layout.  I miscounted the number of plain, background squares that I needed, so I have to cut four more of those yet.  I alternated the colours in the squares, so that teal is on the outside in one block and on the inside in the next.  This picture was taken in my kitchen, (which only has fluorescent lighting), and at night, so the colours are a little more vibrant in person.

Deco 3

In this next one, I used the extra practice blocks that I had made before I cut all my fabric out.  It meant that I had enough squares for the entire top, but I’m not sure which layout I like better,  I like the extra negative space in the original, true to pattern layout.  But then the extra little zing of fabric on the second one is nice too.

That little gap between the top and bottom rows is purely for practical reasons. This design wall is in my kitchen, and it is a little large and covers half of the light switch,  I left the gap so that when the lights are turned off and on, the blocks aren’t brushed off the wall.  Classy, yes?

I’m linking this up to WIP Wednesday at the Needle and Thread Network.  Check out what the other Canadian crafters are up to this week!

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