Slow Bloggers Unite! (and more Road Trip)

I recently came the Slow Bloggers movement over at Knotted Cotton.  Thinking that it was a fabulous idea, I decided to join up right away, and then, true to form, put off blogging about it for awhile. Now that school has started again, sewing, and blogging about said sewing, might become a more regular occurrence around here, though.  I love summer and spending time with the kids when they’re off from school, but I also love the structured routine of the school year.

I have made a little more progress on my Road Trip QAL, though.  I made the troublesome South Dakota block!  Even though I’ve been making dark and light versions of all the blocks, I made a single sample of South Dakota first.

QAL South Dakota 1

I was glad that I did, because after I finished the centre, I measured it to make sure it was the right size, and discovered that it measure 9.5″ instead of 9″.  Now, I suppose I could have just trimmed it down, but then I would have lost all those nice points on my triangles! And I had really nice points on my triangles for once, and I didn’t want to lose them.  So the other options I had were to simply not make the block and substitute Wyoming Valley in it’s place, or to remake the block with the proper 9″ centre.

I think I have an issue with pride, since I couldn’t let a quilt block beat me.  I had to remake it.

QAL South Dakota 2

I changed up the fabric choices a little.  I love the movement that the orange flame fabric gives to the blocks.  I didn’t take a picture of all the blocks so far this time, but I’m definitely in the home stretch.  I’m going to resize the next block, Montana, too, since it will work well for that.  It will mean a little more paper piecing and math, but that hasn’t stopped me before.  I mean, it might delay me a little because sometimes my math needs a few attempts to be right, but I can’t let a little quilt block outsmart me.  🙂

I’m linking this up to the inaugural Slow Bloggers linky party, and also to WIP Wednesday at the Needle and Thread Network.

9 thoughts on “Slow Bloggers Unite! (and more Road Trip)

  1. Math is maybe the reason I just stick with plain old squares…. I have NO patience for figuring all that out. And I certainly would NOT redo a square…I tend to take the easy way out. Good for you Shena, it certainly pays off, your quilts are amazing!


  2. This block is definately worth the math and extra time! It is a beautiful block. It is when I started to quilt that I began to understand and enjoy math, in particular geometry! The idea of slow suits me fine, it is my way of doing things anyway, I am going to check out the link you have provided for the slow bloggers site. Thanks!


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