Canning time again

So I’ve been home for a week now, and it’s been quite a busy week.  On our drive back home from BC, we drove through the Okanagan and picked up loads of fruit for canning and jam.  Apples, peaches, pears, nectarines, and apricots, to be precise.  Adding that to the blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries that we already had in our cooler meant that I had lots to do once we got home.

Jam 1

As of now, a week later, I am done all the jam.  The peaches are all canned as well. About 2/3 of the pears are ripe, and I am trying to convince myself that today is a good day to cross them off my to do list as well.  And then, all that’s left to do on my annual canning list is applesauce.

I tried out a few new jam recipes this year; some of them worked and set up nicely, and others are still a little runny, but they all taste great.  I took pictures after day 1: Apricot-Blackberry; Blueberry; Raspberry-Blackberry; Peach-Blackberry; and Peach-Blueberry.

Jam Apricot Black

Jam Blueberry

Jam Rasp Black

Jam peach blue

Two days later, Thing 1 requested that I make Mango-Peach, which ended up being Mango-Apricot-Nectarine since we were out of peaches. I have no pictures of those, but they taste great. So, 48 jars of jam later, my basement is very well stocked, and my jam making is done for the year.  Anyone want to come over and help me eat some?

4 thoughts on “Canning time again

  1. looks delicious! I usually only make strawberry jam, and so far have only made it once since I got married. We’re still working on it from 3 years ago!


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