Road Trip QAL: Wyoming

The Road Trip QAL has been chugging along here.  I was working ahead a little bit, so that when I go to some weddings this summer, I will be a little ahead of the game.  So I merrily made my Wyoming block and had it done before the instructions went up.  Can you sense where this is headed?

QAL Wyoming Valey

Then the blog post went up. The block, called Wyoming Valley, which is apparently not in the state of Wyoming but in the state of Vermont Pennsylvania.  So, there was a new Wyoming state block to make, and I wasn’t ahead of the game anymore.  I’m sure I’ll find a spot for this block somewhere, so it won’t go to waste.  That will teach me to be overly ambitious.  🙂

QAL Wyoming

So I now have ten blocks made.  I was supposed to make South Dakota before Wyoming, but that block’s been giving me a bit of trouble, so I took a break from it and make this one instead.  Hopefully South Dakota will be coming shortly, since it’s such a beautiful block and will add such a great dimension to the quilts once they are finished.

QAL light 1-9

QAL dark 1-9

Here are all the completed blocks together.  I will have to make two of the last couple of blocks larger in the 15″ size yet, so that I will have four to make a quilt centre out of.  I’m linking this up to WIP Wednesday at the Needle and Thread Network.  You can check in the QAL at Sewing by Moonlight.

9 thoughts on “Road Trip QAL: Wyoming

  1. Both colour versions are very nice. I don’t see why you couldn’t add your “mistaken” Wyoming block into the mix. Or perhaps you could make them into matching cushion covers.


  2. I’m glad you made the Wyoming Valley (in Pennsylvania, by the way). It’s really a beautiful block. And if it makes you feel any better, South Dakota gave me a run for my money as well. Good news: it did turn out nicely when it was finished.


  3. You should definitely keep and use the Wyoming Valley blocks too – they are really pretty! And I think I’ve finally decided that I like your ‘light’ blocks best (which if you look at my blocks that probably doesn’t surprise you!), but it was a tough decision – they are all so nice!


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