Road Trip QAL: Iowa

The latest block in the Road Trip QAL, Iowa Star, involved paper piecing.  I have a love/hate thing going on with paper piecing.  I love the accuracy that you get and also that you can easily make blocks with odd angles and funny shaped pieces.  I don’t like that you waste more fabric and the fact that I, personally, often get very frustrated when I do it.

These blocks went together well though.  I only had to take a break from the machine once, and I only had to re-do two pieces!  A vast improvement over my last attempt.

QAl Iowa star 2

This is the dark block.  I used a very bright, pylon shade of orange in the middle, but the other fabrics tone it down quite a bit.  I was unsure of the choice when I had the fabrics sitting together, but all assembled like this, I like it quite a bit.

QAL Iowa Star 3

As I was constructing the light blocks, the star points looked like ice cream cones.  The particular shade of orange I used and the light swirl in the fabric came together just right, I guess.  Now that it’s just one big block, the ice cream cones fade a bit.

QAl Iowa star 1

QAL dark 1-8

QAL light 1-8


I’m officially halfway through now.  The instructions for the next block have been posted, and hopefully I’ll get around to making it in the next week or so.  I’m linking this up to the Needle and Thread Network’s weekly work-in-progress page too.

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