A long awaited wedding quilt

It’s time to play catch up around here.  I’ve been out of town for the last week and a half for one of the best reasons: weddings!  My sister got married on the 18th, and then my brother-in-law on the 25th.  So it’s been a very busy last little while, and I haven’t sewn anything for about two weeks, which is a long time for me!  I have some unpacking left to do, and then I can hopefully sew some more tomorrow.

Before I left, I finished the wedding quilt that I was making for my sister.  I sewed on it every night, and in every spare moment, and I got it done.  A member of my local guild stepped up and quilted it for me in record time.  She did an amazing job, and I’m so very thankful that she was willing and able to take on such a large, last minute project.  The quilting she did ties the whole quilt together in such a wonderful way.

I’ll start with some closeups, so you can see the lovely leaf motif that she used.

The Tree 5

The Tree 4

The Tree 3

I took these photos in my in-laws’ backyard, which is where we all stayed for the duration of our trip.  The light is lovely there, but the sun fell behind the mountains just as started taking photos, so some of them are a little darker than I’d like.  I had to give it away the next day though, so there was no chance for reshoots.

The Tree 2

Here’s the back.  I absolutely love it.  The solid blue has just the right intensity, and I used what was left of the original fabric for the centre.  I would have put this on my bed just like this, quite frankly.  I used black for the binding, and am thrilled with the choice.  I auditioned blue and green as well, but black was just so far above them that there really was no contest.

The Tree 1

And there it is, in all its glory.  I named it, ‘The Tree’.  The unusual borders and bottom are a case of necessity is the mother of invention.  I had no more blocks left, and the quilt was supposed to be queen sized, so it grew into the border and took it over a little.  Then it wasn’t wide enough, and I had no more solid green, so I cut 2.5″ strips of the original fabric and put strips of them on the sides.  In the end, I love it more than I thought I would, especially for a quilt with no red in it. 😉

The Tree 6

Here’s one last parting shot.  It’s a little yellow here, because of the golden light.  My sister loves it, as does her new husband.  I’m glad that I pushed myself to get it done, and the fact that I think it turned out spectacularly is just an added bonus.  Now, on to the next deadline!  If it wasn’t for deadlines, sometimes I doubt that I would ever have the motivation to finish anything.

And even though it’s actually completed and no longer a work-in-progress, I’m sharing at the Needle and Thread Network anyway.  I hope they don’t kick me out of the club. 🙂


A dress for Thing 3

A while back, when my in-laws were visiting, my MIL bought some fabric to make a dress for Thing 1. The next time they visited, we measured Thing 1 to make sure that any dress that was made would fit her. Thing 1 requested a dress with a halter top, so my MIL searched, found a pattern, and made her a really nice dress. On our recent trip to visit family, we picked up the finished dress.

There was a fair bit of fabric leftover, and since it was all quilting cotton, I asked if I could have it. My MIL didn’t want it, since she doesn’t quilt and had no use for it, so she was more than happy to give it to me. Once I got it home, I realized that there was more fabric leftover than I initially thought. Enough fabric to make a dress for Thing 3! I didn’t have the pattern that my MIL used, but Thing 3 already had a dress that I really liked, so I decided to copy that one instead.

Juliet dress 3

I traced the main body shape of the dress and then traced out a pattern piece for the collar pieces. (Sorry, I don’t have any pictures of the process, since it didn’t occur to me to take any.) On the first attempt at sewing the collar pieces, I realized I had forgotten to add a seam allowance, so I redid them. I slightly gathered the centre front and centre back dress pieces when I sewed them to the collar. Then I dug around in my button jar to find two matching buttons. I made some buttonholes, sewed the buttons on, finished the bottom hem, and I had a dress for Thing 3.

Juliet dress 2


Man, these two kids just look more and more alike every day!  I realized when I was done that I had used red thread whereas my MIL used white. Ooops!  They are planning to wear the dresses to one of the weddings we go to later this summer, so maybe then I’ll get some nicer pictures.  They really, really didn’t want to pose when I took these.  They love the dresses though, and love that they match.  Thanks to my MIL for making the first one, which in turn inspired me to make the second one.  And I still have a little leftover.  Maybe I can make another tie for Thing 2, so they all match!

I’m linking up to TGIFF, hosted by Blossom Heart Quilts this week.  One of these days, I’ll have a completed quilt to link up, instead of these quick, summer projects.  Sometimes it is just too hot to iron though.

Road Trip QAL: Wyoming

The Road Trip QAL has been chugging along here.  I was working ahead a little bit, so that when I go to some weddings this summer, I will be a little ahead of the game.  So I merrily made my Wyoming block and had it done before the instructions went up.  Can you sense where this is headed?

QAL Wyoming Valey

Then the blog post went up. The block, called Wyoming Valley, which is apparently not in the state of Wyoming but in the state of Vermont Pennsylvania.  So, there was a new Wyoming state block to make, and I wasn’t ahead of the game anymore.  I’m sure I’ll find a spot for this block somewhere, so it won’t go to waste.  That will teach me to be overly ambitious.  🙂

QAL Wyoming

So I now have ten blocks made.  I was supposed to make South Dakota before Wyoming, but that block’s been giving me a bit of trouble, so I took a break from it and make this one instead.  Hopefully South Dakota will be coming shortly, since it’s such a beautiful block and will add such a great dimension to the quilts once they are finished.

QAL light 1-9

QAL dark 1-9

Here are all the completed blocks together.  I will have to make two of the last couple of blocks larger in the 15″ size yet, so that I will have four to make a quilt centre out of.  I’m linking this up to WIP Wednesday at the Needle and Thread Network.  You can check in the QAL at Sewing by Moonlight.

Sewing for little boys: a necktie

I have two weddings to go to this summer.  My sister is getting married in about two weeks (ahhh, just two weeks to finish that quilt!) and my BIL is getting married a week after her.  So, naturally, I had an excuse to get some new dressier clothes for the kids.  I looked around for some cute neckties for Thing 2, but I couldn’t find anything I liked.  I decided to make him some.  I mean, it can’t be any more complicated than a quilt, right?

Miles tie 2

The first one I made was the grey one.  I searched my stash for suitable fabric, and this was the one that matched his dress shirt the best. I found a pattern online, (I can’t remember where, since I didn’t bookmark it), then I tweaked the pattern to suit my needs, and got started.

Miles tie 3

The trickiest parts were getting the points at the ends nice and sharp, and then tying the knots so that they looked nice and crisp.  I opted for velcro at the ends to fasten it, rather than elastic, since I wanted it to be adjustable in case his neck decides to go through a growth spurt.

Miles tie 1

This is his favourite.  He likes it because now he has a moustache, just like Daddy does.  I tried to cut the fabric so that the word fit on the wider part of the tie, and it’s a little off centre, but close enough for him.  Not quite close enough for me, but if he’s happy, then I’m happy too.

I’m linking this up to TGIFF (Thank Goodness It’s Finished Friday), which is hosted by Missy Mac Creations this week.  It’s not a quilt, but it’s finished!

Road Trip QAL: Iowa

The latest block in the Road Trip QAL, Iowa Star, involved paper piecing.  I have a love/hate thing going on with paper piecing.  I love the accuracy that you get and also that you can easily make blocks with odd angles and funny shaped pieces.  I don’t like that you waste more fabric and the fact that I, personally, often get very frustrated when I do it.

These blocks went together well though.  I only had to take a break from the machine once, and I only had to re-do two pieces!  A vast improvement over my last attempt.

QAl Iowa star 2

This is the dark block.  I used a very bright, pylon shade of orange in the middle, but the other fabrics tone it down quite a bit.  I was unsure of the choice when I had the fabrics sitting together, but all assembled like this, I like it quite a bit.

QAL Iowa Star 3

As I was constructing the light blocks, the star points looked like ice cream cones.  The particular shade of orange I used and the light swirl in the fabric came together just right, I guess.  Now that it’s just one big block, the ice cream cones fade a bit.

QAl Iowa star 1

QAL dark 1-8

QAL light 1-8


I’m officially halfway through now.  The instructions for the next block have been posted, and hopefully I’ll get around to making it in the next week or so.  I’m linking this up to the Needle and Thread Network’s weekly work-in-progress page too.