Road Trip QAL: Minnesota

I finished these blocks for Minnesota a while back, and then went out of town and completely forgot that I never blogged about them.  Oops!  I started out making the fussy cut centre square in a square units.  I finished pressing them, trimmed them down, and then double checked how big they had to be.  They were of course, too small, but it was too late to do anything about it, so I went to bed.

QAL Minnestoa 2

The next evening, I started again.  I started earlier because I tend to make more mistakes when I’m tired.  Everything went well, and I don’t recall making any more major errors.  I resized this block as well, up to 15″.  My tentative plan at this point is to resize 4 of the blocks for a larger, medallion like centre, and then frame it with the smaller 12″ ones.

QAl Minnesota

Dark and light, with the second attempt at the fussy cut centres.  I worked really hard to get those points sharp, and I’m pleased with the overall result.

QAL dark 1-7

QAL light 1-7

So, seven blocks down and nine to go!  Well, 8 since I’m actually already done the next one, but I wanted to blog about them in order.  You can go to Sewing by Moonlight to join in.

1 thought on “Road Trip QAL: Minnesota

  1. These look really great! I like your middle medalian idea! Oh, and I know what you mean about making more mistakes late at night, that’s definitely my problem, too!


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