WIP Wednesday: A wedding quilt

My sister is getting married in August.  When she told me she was engaged, I thought her plan was to get married in December, so I promised her that her quilt would easily be finished in time.  Then, she announced that she was getting married 5 months earlier, and all of a sudden my promise seemed a lot more difficult to accomplish.  So, I amended to my promise and told her I would give it my absolute best effort, but I couldn’t 100% guarantee that it would be done.  As she is a fabulous sister, she understood. 🙂

My sister is even more understanding than I first let on, since this quilt has been in the making for a long time.  A few years ago, when my local guild had a quilt show, my sister was in town.  I was having some health issues, and she came to help me out.  We went to the show together, and she fell in love with the One Block Wonder quilts that she saw.  I told her that if she wanted, I would make her one.  I have made quilts for a fair number of my family members, on both sides, but she was still without one.

So about 1.5 years after that, we were both in Calgary at the same time.  We made time to go fabric shopping together, and searched for a suitable fabric for her quilt.  She does not really sew herself, so she wanted me to be along when she chose the fabric, since this type of quilt requires a certain type of fabric.  Here is what we chose.

Elna OBW 6

I looked on the selvage, and it’s called ‘Bear Mountain’.  I cut it up fairly promptly, but then did nothing with it.  Just before my sister got engaged, I finally started sewing the blocks together.  This took me awhile, since I kept putting the project off to the side to work on something else.  But, at long last, the blocks were finished last week, and today I finalized the first draft of the layout.

Elna OBW 1

I’m not quite sold on the dark centre yet, but I will be leaving it up there for awhile to tweak it.  And my sister said she wanted it to (hopefully) fit her queen size bed, and that may yet take a bit of creative thinking.  I took a few more shots of the different corners, in case the cats get in that room and they take the whole thing off the wall.  I will be very sad if that happens, but at least I’ll have something to refer back to so I can fix it.

Elna OBW 4

Elna OBW 3

Elna OBW 5

There were only five blocks that didn’t make it into the first draft, so if I want to make it bigger, and I do, then some interesting borders will probably have to be worked in.  I like a challenge though, so I’ll muddle through until I get to something I think she’ll like.

Elna OBW 2


I’m linking this up to the Needle and Thread Network for their weekly WIP link party.  Check out what other Canadian artists are up to!

8 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: A wedding quilt

  1. I have no idea how you achieved this, but am amazed that panel resulted in such a beautiful quilt top! Can’t wait to see it finished!


  2. I love the way you have arranged these blocks and I think the dark is in just the right place. I have the book One Block Wonders but have not as yet created one — perhaps I am waiting for the right fabric to magically appear in my stash?


  3. That looks great, your sister is one lucky woman! I made something similar, but only with squares, must absolutely try it your way. Good luck, hope you finish it fast and easily.


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