Past Projects: 1728 Triangles!

It’s been a very busy few days here at the Apple Pie house.  (That sounds like an excellent name for a coffee shop.)  I’ve been doing a bit of sewing here and there; I finished piecing the blocks for my sister’s wedding quilt and I’ve started on the layout; I also sewed a sundress for Thing 3 with the leftover fabric that my MIL had from making a dress for Thing 1, so they have nearly matching dresses now.  I’ll blog about that after I finally get them to pose nicely in their dresses.

The two main reasons that I haven’t been sewing as much as I’d like are the heat (it’s been about 35C (95F) on average when you account for the humidity), and the fact that I’ve been prepping and teaching the VBS crafts for my church (and I have nearly 50 kids to teach).  So in the meantime, I’ll share some more past projects. This is another of my past projects, and one of my scrappier creations.

My husband is working late again

When we first moved to Alberta just over four years ago, my husband worked very long hours, and was basically only home on the weekends.  This was quite an adjustment for me, basically being on my own with two small children (Thing 1 was three, Thing 2 was nine months).  To pass the time in the evenings, when they were in bed and I was bored since we had no tv, I sewed. A lot.  For this quilt, a very traditional split nine patch, I cut 1728 3″ finished HSTs, and then sewed them all back together again.  Yes, many of my friends and family questioned my sanity, but it kept me occupied, and fed my love of quilting.  I bound it in a scrappy binding which seemed fitting as the top was so scrappy.  I called it, “My Husband is Working Late Again.”

Surprisingly, or maybe not, since I did have a lot of time to kill, this quilt did not take a long time to finish.  I probably finished it less than two weeks.  Well, I suppose it would be more accurate to say that the top did not take a long time to finish.  It was at least a year before I quilted it.  I did simple, in the ditch quilting along the zig zag lines.  I hadn’t yet attempted any free motion at the time, and it seemed like the simplest way to get it done on my home machine.  The backing is that same rainbow print that I used on the back of my mystery quilt.  It lives, like so many of my quilts, in my living room.  It is used to snuggle in the winter, and sometimes ends up on guest beds when people come to visit.  And, like quilts do so well, it has been part of many epic forts in its time.

2 thoughts on “Past Projects: 1728 Triangles!

  1. I could have written that post myself! My husband used to work nights and weekends and we saw him only a couple hours in the afternoon. It made for very long days for me with our three little ones; the oldest was only just four. Quilting gave me something productive to do and I fell in complete love with the process. My husband’s schedule has changed now but I think I will always quilt.


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