It’s done! Mystery Quilt finish

I finished up my mystery quilt about two weeks ago, but then I went away on a trip and gave it away to my mom, so I never got a chance to blog about it.  I quilted on my home sewing machine, and did straight lines.  At first the lines followed the different paths made by the various sizes of four patches, but there weren’t enough lines for the batting to be stable that way, so then I just did straight lines in random places.

mystery quilt 10

I bound it in a nice red.  Red is my favourite colour, and I did option other colours to be fair to them and give them a chance, but red was the clear winner, so it became the binding.

mystery quilt 6

My mom helped by holding up the finished quilt in her backyard so I could take pictures.  Thing 2 was riding his tricycle somewhere else, but came running up to help hold it up.

mystery quilt 7

Here is the back.  I used up some pieces that had been in my stash forever, along with a rainbow stripe to punch it up a little.  Thing 1 came along at this point and helped to hold it up too.  If Thing 3 had not been napping, I’m sure she would’ve insisted on being right in the action too.

mystery quilt 8

My mom asked me later if I liked it any better now that it was finally finished.  I’m sad to say, that it’s still just meh to me.  I am proud of its construction and I do really like the straight line quilting, but every time I look at the front it just doesn’t move me at all.  Oh well, she loves it, so at least it makes her happy.

mystery quilt 9

And really, it looks so lovely in her backyard, like it was always meant to be there.

I’m linking this up with Thank Goodness It’s Finished Friday (TIFF) which is being hosted by Quilt Matters this week.  I’m very glad this sucker is done!

7 thoughts on “It’s done! Mystery Quilt finish

  1. Some quilts are just like that huh? I wish I loved all my quilts from start to finish but it just doesn’t work out that way. I actually usually hate some of my quilts at some point.
    Looks great though. And the red binding looks good.


  2. It does look very nice in the photo shoot environment! l have a few UFOs that don’t float my boat, either. Usually, once I finish them up I love them, but a couple stayed just “meh”. This is a very interesting one, though. Cool craziness!


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