A day at the beach

When I was on my recent trip with the kids, I promised that I would take them to the ocean, since they had never been before.  My sister lives in Vancouver, near Jericho Beach, so we made a plan to visit her and go to the beach with the kids.  The weather was not super warm, maybe 22 C or so, and the tide was high so there wasn’t much to see.  This did not matter to the kids, who thought the beach was the. greatest. thing. ever!  Thing 1 even took along her swimsuit even though it wasn’t really warm enough for it.

Beach 4

They started out by collecting rocks to made an inukshuk.  They had seen someone make one on tv before, and were very stoked to try their hand at it.  The tide was coming in, so we collected the rocks first, before the water came up higher and covered them.  They collected broken shells too, and my sister felt bad that they were so thrilled with the broken shells, since if the tide had been lower, there would have been a plethora of whole shells for them to choose from.

Beach 3

Beach 1

Then it was time to build the inukshuk.  They tried, but couldn’t seem to balance more than about 3 or 4 rocks at a time, so my sister built some for them.  Then Thing 3 wanted to knock them over right away, because knocking over towers is one of her favourite things to do, but we managed to dissuade her, for a little while, at least.

Beach 5

Then it was time to bury themselves in the sand.  Thing 2 first buried his flip flops until he realized he could use the flip flops as a shovel (we were super prepared and didn’t take any beach toys along) to bury his legs instead.

Beach 7

Beach 6

The sun started to peek out as it was time to go, and the girls dipped their toes in the ocean one more time.  We had a fabulous time and the kids can’t wait to go back again.  Hopefully when we’re in BC in August it will be warm and sunny and the tide will be out.  All those shells would be like a dream for them.

Beach 2

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