Road Trip QAL: Illinois

I got back from my mini vacation a few days ago, and I’ve finally finished unpacking, doing laundry, and settling back into my home routine.  I’ve made the latest Road Trip block, Illinois. I really like how this block radiates from the centre.

QAL Illinois

My dark block looks very reminiscent of a Shoo-fly block to me.  I didn’t bother with any fussy cutting for these ones.  I wanted the simplicity of the geometric shapes to really stand out.  I used the same basic orange print in the two blocks, and it’s amazing how its value changes depending on the fabrics around it.  I love it when colour does that.

QAL light 1-6

I’m starting to get quite the collection here!  I should probably make a few more of the blocks in the larger 15″ size so that the one big one doesn’t look out of place.  A few of the blocks coming up are a little more complex, so they should lend themselves well to that.

QAl dark 1-6

It’s turning out really well so far, I think.  I’m really glad I decided to join in on this QAL.  And it felt really good to sew something again, after my mini vacation.

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