Road Trip Quilt Along: Indiana Puzzle

It’s actually quite fitting that I’m working on the Road Trip QAL this summer, because I’m on the first of two road trips that I’m on myself.  I’ve been visiting family for the past week and won’t be home again until this weekend.  I actually sewed up these blocks before I left town, and I coloured them a little bit differently.  I might redo them since I prefer the colouring on the blocks made in the tutorial.  It was an easy block to sew, so redoing it would be a big ordeal.

QAL Indiana Puzzle

There is not a whole lot of value difference between the dark and the light blocks this time either.  Another reason to redo them, I guess.  They turned out well, except when I was fussy cutting the dark centre for the red block, I forgot that the triangle would be on point, so the centre seems lopsided to me.

QAL dark 1-5

When I have the dark block next to the other dark ones it doesn’t seem too light though.  Hmmm, maybe I don’t have to redo them both after all.

QAL light 1-5

I like the fussy cutting on the light block.  The touch of red is nice in the middle.  I think ultimately, I will only redo them if I am feeling very ambitious at the end of the QAL.  You can check out what other people are making at the Flickr group for the QAL, and you can check out the instructions for the first five blocks at Sewing by Moonlight.

2 thoughts on “Road Trip Quilt Along: Indiana Puzzle

  1. I think they look good with the others – no need to re-make them in my opinion! 🙂 I wish I would have used all white around the edges (except the four in the corners) like you did on this block – I really like the ways yours turned out! Very nice!


  2. I admit I was surprised by how much I liked Indiana. The block went together really easily but it really looks nice. You’re right: when you have you light and dark versions with their groups they fit right in.


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