It’s hat making time!

This past week, my oldest had a picnic for the last day of school.  We searched high and low for her hat, so she could take it along, but it was nowhere to be found.  She ended up taking one of my hats, a ball cap, but it was too big for her.  So what’s an easier solution than simply finding her hat?  Making her a new one, of course!

I searched online, and found a pattern for a free bucket had at Oliver + S.  It was a nice pattern because it was reversible.  So I asked Thing 1 what colours she wanted in her hat, and she said, “Purple.  And Yellow.  No, Green.  Purple and green.”  Armed with that information, I went downstairs to my stash and pulled some possibilities.

She ended up choosing a purple Tweety bird fabric, and a pink dot for the other side.  I realized only as I was typing up this post that I forgot to take pictures of the process, but I have to make another one yet for Thing 3, so hopefully I’ll remember to do that then.

She is thrilled with the finished hat.  While I was making it, she didn’t really understand how the pieces I cut would turn into a hat, but it was really nice to see when the understanding dawned.  She very willingly modelled it for me outside, where the light is so much nicer.

Eliana hat 1

Eliana hat 2

And if she loses this one too, then I have enough fabric to make another.  Yay!  For now I’ll just enjoy her happiness and toothy grin.  Those front teeth are growing back as fast as they can.

Eliana hat 3

3 thoughts on “It’s hat making time!

  1. Awesome! Very timely post too- Zielle doesn’t have a hat and I really don’t wish to pay upwards of 20 bucks for a hat that will fit her one summer o.O


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