More past projects: baby quilts

I have been blessed in my life to have lots of little babies to make quilts for.  Some of them have been for my own children, some for my nieces and nephews, and some for my friend’s babies.  I’ll show a few of the ones I’ve made over the years.

This first one I made for my son.  I had a train panel that I’d purchased a few years before, and I decided to use it finally.  Yay for making a stash project!  I added the piano key border and the grey cornerstones, and quilted it with a diamond pattern.  It was finished very quickly, and adopted by my daughter, though now, a few years later, it is more of a communal, family blanket, and lives by the couch.


This one, entitled so originally, “Diamonds’, was made for my nephew.  My sister requested a quilt in black and white, because regardless of whether she was having a boy or a girl, those were the colours that she wanted.  I didn’t have loads of black fabric at the time, so I used anything from grey, to black, to a very deep navy blue.  It was a great project for practising my half-square triangles, since I made this 4 years ago, when I’d only been quilting for two years.  I love the finished result.  This is another one of those out-of town quilts that I should make a label for one of these days.


I just have time to share one more before it’s time to make dinner.  This may actually be the only baby quilt that I started and completed after the baby was already born.  The others have all been made before, and because of that, I didn’t know the genders of the children receiving them.  But this one I knew was for a wonderful, sweet, little girl, my niece.  I broke out the pink, and I broke it out hard.  I may have gone a little overboard, so I used a much more traditional block, Jacob’s Ladder, to try and make it not seem too babyish.  This was made around the same time as Diamonds, and I realized after it was finished that it has the same overall look.  I love the added touch of the sawtooth border.


That’s my oldest, who was about 3.5 at the time.  It always makes me smile to look back through these pictures every now and then and she how  much she’s grown.  She’s still a wonderful helper and a very giving child.  One of my many, many blessings in life.

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