Any time is pie time

My mom has been a big supporter of me my whole life.  She has always been a great at encouraging me to try new things and believe in my ability to do anything that I put my mind to.  She has not had an easy life but she still manages to maintain a positive outlook on life and she unbelievable patience when it comes to me and my siblings.  She loves her grandchildren without reservation and always seems to give and give some more.

So it wasn’t unexpected of her to send me a gift.  My husband is out of town a lot for work, and he happened to be in the vicinity of my mom’s house, so he stopped by for a visit.  My mom asked him to play delivery boy and take a gift back home for me.  He came home last night and I unwrapped my present.

It’s an apple pie pan!  Thank you so much mom.  Your support means so much to me and this is such a perfect and fitting gift.

So what do you do when you get a brand new apple pie pan?  Make an apple pie, of course!  I washed the pan right away, and this morning I made my favourite apple pie in my apple pie pan.  This is a streusel apple pie, and the recipe is from a Company’s Coming cookbook (p. 93, Dutch Apple Pie).  I know most people love ice cream with their apple pie, but I might possibly the world’s largest fan of whipping cream, so I always put a dollop of that on top instead.  I much prefer to whip my own whipped cream instead of buying the aerosol kind, but in a pinch canned whipping cream is still better than ice cream.

Thank you again mom.  The next time you visit me, you can expect an apple pie to be waiting for you.  I know you and I both wish you were able to visit more, but I’ll see you in a few weeks, so I’ll hold on to your hug until then.  I love you.

1 thought on “Any time is pie time

  1. Thank you Shena for expressing you gratitude so eloquently and for taking the trouble to document it with pictures. Love you much, my daughter.


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