Swimming to a Different Beat

I completed this quilt a couple of weeks ago, but I didn’t want to show it off before now since I wanted to wait until it arrived at its overseas destination.  I made it for my uncle and his wife, who are expecting their first child.  I asked them if they had any preferences about the quilt I was planning to make them.  They said their favourite colours were red and green, and that their playpen was square.  So I took those rough guidelines and just ran with it.

Here it is on my backyard fence.  I went with a whole bunch of green fishies with one lone red fish leading the group.  I made the fish mainly from my scraps, since I wanted them all to be different and they didn’t take a lot of fabric each.  I think each fish block finished at 4″x6″.

My son obliged me by holding it up in the yard under our ash tree. He is an average sized four year old, so that will give you a rough idea of the size of the finished quilt, since I forgot to measure the completed quilt when it was finished.

I chose a red and green fabric for the back, and bound it with a blue polka dot. It reminded me of bubbles floating up to the surface.  I actually even made a label for this quilt!  My first label ever.  And it was so easy that I can’t believe I never bothered to put one of my quilts before.  I hope to make labels for my past quilts and put them on when I happen to be in the same part of the country as them again.

I tried the lovely rolled up quilt shot, but my quilt didn’t want to stay rolled up, silly thing.  Oh well.  It still makes the binding look pretty.  I called this quilt Swimming to a Different Beat, in honour of the little red fish who swims against the flow and forges her own path to unknown, wonderful places.  Dream big, little fishy!

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