Road Trip Quilt Along – Maryland block

I made the most recent block on the Road Trip QAL this afternoon: Maryland.  The original  instructions were to make the block to finish at 12″.  This required cutting unusually sized pieces, and while Em was very kind to do all the math for us, it still was more finicky than I felt like doing, so I resized the block to 15″, which made the math much simpler for me.

Because the block was based on a five-patch scheme, each of the segments of the block would finish at 3″ for me.  This meant I could very easily cut the hst, squares, and 60 degree triangle sections with my Easy Angle, regular ruler, and Tri-recs tools.  Here you can see most of my cut out patches, all from the 3.5″ strips.  This also meant eliminating the paper piecing, which is not my favourite thing in the world.

I made two blocks again, one light and one dark.  Because I miscut the light block slightly, the QST are a little wrong according to my planned colour scheme.  I like the results though, so I decided to leave it.  After all, why make more work for myself with pesky unsewing?  My inner creative thought process must have meant for me to make it that way all along.

Here are all my finished blocks so far on my design wall.  I’m considering making a dark and light version of all the blocks and then arranging them into two separate quilts at the end.  It isn’t that much extra work to make a second block right away, and then
I can procrastinate as long as possible and not decide on my final colour scheme just yet. My husband prefers the dark blocks at this point, but I still love them both.

You can join in on the Road Trip QAL at Sewing by Moonlight. We’ve only just started, and it’s been great so far.  I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next!

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