Getting some basting done

Tonight, I basted the mystery quilt.  Yay!  One more step closer to getting it done.  I picked out some pieces of fabric that had been lingering in my stash for quite awhile, stitched them together with a little piece of leftover rainbow fabric, and I had a baking pieced together.  I went through my box of leftover batting pieces, but none of them was big enough, so I had to open a new package.

My lovely husband vacuumed the living room floor for me so that I wouldn’t have to do it, since I don’t like to baste quilts on a floor littered with cracker crumbs and cat hair.  Really, I should just baste a quilt once a week so that my carpets are always clean.  Or, I could just vacuum more.  Maybe.

Earlier this week I also basted my 7 year old daughter’s latest creation.  She sewed it on my old Singer handcrank machine.  She can’t control the speed as well as she wants to on my Janome, so she prefers the older handcrank.  I cut the pieces for her and press them after she sews them together.  This is her second quilt.  The first was a fairly simple nine patch, and she wanted to do something a little harder, so she did half square triangles this time.  We settled on the layout together, and then she chose the cheater print for the border. We didn’t have quite enough to do a nice mitered corner, so we added red cornerstones.

So, on my immediate to do list is quilting the mystery quilt, quilting my daughter’s quilt, and sewing the binding on to both of them.  I would especially like to get hers done before the next guild meeting, since it’s the only meeting she comes to with me, and she wants to show off her handiwork.  She was so proud of herself after all the lovely comments she got from all the other members.  It won’t be a lot of work at all to get hers done by them, and it will make her so happy.  And seeing her smile is one of the loveliest things in the world.

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