Mystery Quilt

Last night was a crazily stormy night here.  There were severe thunderstorm warnings and tornado watches, and my husband is out of town for work, so being alone in the house with the kids made me freak out a little.  I mean, I love thunderstorms, but tornadoes? Not so much.  The oldest was scared and asked to sleep downstairs, so I moved her and her brother to the guest room, where they slept peacefully all night.  And to keep myself calm? I sewed on my mystery quilt, which had been languishing on my design wall for a few months, since I didn’t like how it turned out.

Here it is, on my lovely cheapo design wall: a flannel backed tablecloth that I paid $0.70 for!  I really liked the pattern, but disliked my main background fabric choice, since it ended up being waaay too busy for my liking.  So, like any normal quilter, I got the top done and then ignored it for awhile.  The only issue with that is that the June guild meeting, in a mere three weeks, is when we’re supposed to show of our finished quilts.

I had a bunch of extra four patches, in various sizes, left over after finishing the top.  And the instructions were to use the background fabric for a border, but I was not keen on that idea.  So I decided to place the extra four patches in various places around the quilt, as part of the border, and then use a lovely, calm, black solid for the rest of the border.

Like this! I will admit, I’m still not in love with it. Maybe after I baste it and quilt it up I’ll like it more.  Maybe someone I know will fall in love with it and I’ll gift it to them.  Who knows? All I know is, I’ve 20 days to finish this sucker up, and then it’s not my problem anymore.

Hey, at least my quilt inspector gives it the thumbs up!  He’s such a softie, though.  He lays on every quilt I make whenever he gets the chance.  It’s his brother’s approval I really need.

I’m linking this up to The Thread and Needle Network, and the Canadian WIP page.

13 thoughts on “Mystery Quilt

  1. Shena, so glad you are all okay in last night’s crazy weather. We only got the edge of it up here in the NE end of Central Alberta, and that was noisy enough! As for your quilt, the black borders are exactly right for it — they make the centre ‘pop’! Yes, that dotted/circled fabric certainly takes some getting used to, but with those borders, well…they calmed it right down. And I love the red and black diagonal lines of squares that run right off the centre. Wonderful!


  2. An amazing quilt. The lines are strong and soothing. The squares in the border are intuitive and balanced. The impression it leaves me with: ingenious and beautiful. Do you give me the option of outbidding the highest offer?


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