Past projects

I thought I would start out by talking about some of the past projects that I have done.  I’ll go through one or two at a time, depending on how much I can think to say about them.  My quilting style varies a bit, but I tend to like things that have a planned, yet scrappy, look to them.  I also love colour, especially bright colours.  I always tell myself that my next project will be more subdued and serene, but it still ends up bright.  I should probably just accept that this is my style and be happy with it.

Kaleidoscope World

This is one of my more recent finishes.  It is in the traditional kaleidoscope pattern.  Unfortunately, this is the only photo that I have of it, since it now belongs to my brother-in-law, who lives 13 hours away.  It was a bit of a challenge for me, since I used a template to cut out the unusual angled triangles, but I love the way it turned out.

The colour palette was chosen based on his request.  I think he said black and white.  Now of course, I seem to be unable to make a quilt in only black and white, so I asked if he had any objection to me adding another colour (or two), or if there was any particular colour that he did not want to see.  He said yes and no, so it was off to the races!  I chose red, because it’s my favourite colour, and then orange, since I needed a lighter colour than red, and pink didn’t seem to fit the bill.   I quilted it in the ditch to emphasize the circles that appear when the blocks sit beside each other.

I was very sad to have to give this quilt away once it was finished, so I’ll probably make another one someday, though most likely using different colours.  That some day is probably a long time off though, considering how many different things I’m working on right now and how many ideas I have yet to bring to life.

1 thought on “Past projects

  1. I have just browsed through all your posts and enjoyed looking at all your projects and quilts. This kaleidoscope is wonderful! I just love the colors!


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